Leisure® Brand Beer. Leisure 2012 & 2013 World Beer Championships Medal WINNER!

World Beer Championship Bronze Medal winner in the American Lager and Vienna Lager categories!

Leisure® Brand Beer in the News! Perfectly balanced Lager for Leisurely Moments. 2-2013

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Leisure® Brand Beer. Leisure 2012 & 2013 World Beer Championships Medal WINNER!

Only Fresh Ingredients. Water - Barley Grain - Hops - Yeast. FRESH.CLEAN.LEISURELY.
Leisure wins two bronze medals!

Leisure Premium Lager balances the clean freshness of hops with a smooth, malty finish creating an easy drinking, flavorful and Leisurely experience! 22 IBU'S.

Leisure can be enjoyed by not only light beer drinkers looking to "step-up" to a beer with more taste, but by craft beer drinkers as well who are looking for an easy drinking lager with flavor.

Relax and try a Leisure. Savor Your Leisure!

The Leisure Brand Beer line up:


Leisure Kolsch is an easy drinking, session style ale native to the city of Cologne (Koln) in Germany. Leisure Kolsch is warm fermented then lagered, or conditioned at cold temperatures. Light bodied and smooth, this beer is perfect for your Leisure Time

Dr. Leisure Pale Ale

Dr. Leisure Pale Ale is the epitome of an easy drinking Pale Ale. Medium bodied with copper hues. Fresh citrus aroma, grapefruit notes and crisp hoppy flavor. Cascade hops and Vienna malt make this an approachable yet flavorful Pale Ale.

Leisureologist Dark Ale

Leisureologist Dark Ale is a medium bodied porter with roasted dark malt, chocolate and coffee flavors. A brew for the true craft beer connoisseur.

What's your Leisure?

Reflect - Relax

Savor the View

Sit still and unwind

Beach and Sand

Leisureologist Dark Ale

Relax and Enjoy



Social Activities/Events

Leisure Kolsch



Golf/19th Hole


Dr. Leisure Pale Ale