Leisure® Brand Beer. Savor Your Leisure.™

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Our Family of "LEISURE" Trademarked Brands

Our Philosophy

Leisure can be enjoyed in many ways. Conversation with friends, celebration, relaxing and having a beer. No matter the occasion, savor your leisure. Time can be fleeting so whenever you can, slow things down and make them leisurely.

Here's Our Story:

Our Leisure Brand's were conceived by Leisureologist's after a multitude of cigars and brews were consumed. Instead of following the rules in those how-to marketing books, we created our own idea generation philosophy. This told us that real innovation and flashes of insight only occur when you are among life and in relaxed surroundings i.e. during your Leisure Time!

Recognizing the importance of leisure, we became students of our own philosophy. Thus creating several "brilliant" ideas while at leisure. Adhering to our founding principals, we embarked on a journey to reincarnate our thinking into Leisure Brand Beer and a way of life. This resulted in a family of brands dedicated to Leisure and our passion to help others GET LEISURE-IZED.

Fast forward and our vision has become reality. Leisure is the proud winner of two Bronze Medals in the 2012 & 2013 World Beer Championships! Award winning Leisure Brand Beer is brewed and distributed by Brew Master John Harrison and the Delafield Brewhaus.